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Eternal Life – conversion required?

“I have a disability that prevents me from pursuing conversion to Judaism.  What will happen if I never succeed to formally convert?“   First let us remember that our Lord is gracious, merciful, and compassionate. In essence, all He desires from us is that we “love YHWH your God with all your inner being, with […]

Is Torah universally relevant?

The Midrash teaches that G-d gave the Torah to Israel in the uninhabited wilderness so as to say that no one has sole claim to the Torah; but that it is available to whoever will come to receive it.  It is also no coincidence that the Torah was given and Israel established at the geographical […]

Can non-Jews have eternal life?

Does the Torah assure eternal life to a person who chooses not to enter the Covenant, but who upholds the Laws of Noah?   The answer is no.  The Torah gives no such assurance.   The Laws of Noah are the bare minimum of tolerable behavior in human society.  It is not a standard that […]

WHERE & WHEN are our conversions?

RELATED ARTICLE:  ‘Do you offer a conversion program?’   The conversions are done in Miami, FL.  If airfare can be provided, we may be able to travel to oversee conversions elsewhere, for those unable to make it to Florida.  There are currently no fixed dates for future group conversions.  Future group conversions will be scheduled […]

Does MT prohibit converts from positions of authority?

    Q.  Mishneh Torah forbids putting converts in any position of authority, including overseeing conversions.  This is found in the Laws of Kings and Wars 1:5[4].  Whoever imagines that the term “seraroth” (positions of authority) used in this law couldn’t apply to officiating over conversion must not have read the law, which reads plainly, […]


Your introduction to the Faith of Israel – the fulfillment of the faith of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and all the prophets.   Please read the following and clarify whether you either affirm or take issue with the information provided:   PROHIBITION OF IDOLATRY איסור עבודה זרה | Issur ‘Avoda Zara   1) The essence of the […]

Do you have a conversion program?

  We do officiate conversions.  The actual conversion is a public act of official entrance into the everlasting covenant of Torah and the community of the faith of Israel.  In order for the act to be legally binding within the framework of the laws of Torah, it a Jewish court of three must witness the […]

How can Dor Deah encourage proselytizing?

Q.  “What halakhic support is there for chasing after non-Jews to convert to Judaism?”   A.  Our reasons for encouraging conversion to Torah Judaism can be found in the videos listed under “Impartial Outreach” on the main page. Most people assume seeking converts is forbidden.  This is a presumption.  Before requiring evidence that seeking converts […]