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101 Hebrew Expressions

      This chart contains holy names of YHWH.  It should not be discarded in a disrespectful manner.     Transliteration Key k = as in look;Kaf   k = k as in Scottish word loch; Khaf[Listen]   t = t as in took;Taw   t = th as in threw; Thaw[Listen]   t = emphatic t;Tet [Listen]   g = good; Gimal   […]

Tips For Learning Hebrew

      How can I best go about learning Hebrew?     The best way to learn is by immersion in the language. Yet, not everyone can surround themselves with Hebrew speakers. If the main reason for your desire to know Hebrew is for study, make sure to read, read, and read. If its […]

Hebrew Pronouns

  In my research, pronouns are assumed when translating the Masoretic Text because they don’t actually appear there…is this correct?   Yes and no. There are pronouns in Hebrew — both in Biblical Hebrew and in Modern Hebrew … and they’re the same pronouns. “hu” = he. “he” = she. “hem” = them. “mi” = […]