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Hovel u-Mazziq 4:13 shows that a woman need not cover her neck?

  Q.  We know that “dath Mosha” doesn’t require the neck to be covered from the Laws of Hovel u-Mazziq 4:13.  There it describes a woman’s neck as being in the category of what is exposed (galuy).  According to the Laws of Ishuth 24:9, “dath Mosha” prohibits the woman from going out in public with […]

Unmarried girls need not wear a redidh, right?

  Q.  Dath Yehudith requires married women to wear a redidh, but unmarried girls are exempt, right?   A.  It is true that the concept of “dath Yehudith” is brought up within the context of kethuboth (marriage contracts); but if we were to conclude that this means the concepts of modesty discussed therein refer, therefore, […]