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Rav Saadia Gaon, the Convert

  There are many in an attempt to discredit Jewish converts who say things like “according to Jewish law converts are not allowed to be Rabbis, leaders or Judges, a false claim that I believe my org has already dispelled.Without even mentioning the historical fact that the Greatest Mishnaic leaders were virtually all converts (in […]

Wishing Merry Christmas in Halacha

Merry Christmas!!smile emoticon Someone asked me about the Halachic parameters regarding saying the phrase Merry Christmas to non Jews, so here you go:It would seem that if the current understanding of the phrase is connected with an Idolatrous term than we would not be allowed to wish it on others. HoweverThe Rambam writes:“One may inquire […]

A defense of R’ Yosef Mizrachi

  My stance in the R’ Mizrachi witch hunt: What he said or rather what he meant to say given his other videos and even this one is that ASSIMILATION along with intermarriage made the majority of those murdered not halachicly Jewish.If his statement was the that 80% of those murdered were intermarried I then would […]

When he said “I AM!”

  A thought crossed my mind,For Christians out there who believe that JC was claiming to be G-d when he said the words: Truly, truly, I say to you, before Abraham was,” I am”.(πρὶν Ἀβραὰμ γενέσθαι “ἐγὼ εἰμί”) ~John 8:58 You would probably be surprised to know that the Hebrew Bible does not say that “I […]

Repentance in the Torah (5 books)

Repentance in the Torah (5 books) _____________________________   There is a misconception that the idea of repentance without blood does not appear in the Chumash.   It is true that “empty repentance” does not appear in Torah which is basically a formula based repentance. IE Forgive me G-d for I have sinned or some sinner’s […]

Origins of Jewish Prayer

Q. Dear Rabbi, I’m interested in investigating the way Jews prayed during that times of King David.  (When I pray) I really doubt the liturgy in the three Amidot we say every day, even Rambam says that Arbit is optional. I assume, Shaharit and Minhah was from the last Sanhedrin of the modern era year […]

Aseh Lecha Rav (a how to guide)….

        I wanted to quickly speak to you about the statement that appears twice in the mishna Avot of Aseh Lecha Rav, usually translated that one should make for him or herself a rabbi.   And you’re probably thinking that the inyan of making for yourself a Rav seems pretty plain and […]

Do we follow Oral Law Blindly?

Regarding anyone who tells you that we one must listen to Oral Law blindly (even if it would go against Torah) or Rabbis blindly especially If it would violate reason and Torah show them this…   Talmud Yerushalmi Horayot Perek Alef Halacha Alef  ואם בטועה לומר התורה אמרה אחריהם אחריהם אין זה שמעון בן עזאי […]

Kollels hurt more than they help

We should close any Kollel that encourages it students to send their wives to work, avoid university and learn fulltime permanently.   Solely because Torah study L’shmah (for no earthly purpose) produces nothing but an aimless consumption of time and efforts. This is yet another reason on how kabbalah makes people dumber (and in this […]

Recommended Readings

      Interlinear Humash (Law of Moses; Hebrew/ English)   Hirsch Humash (rational traditional commentary to the Torah)     A Reader’s Hebrew Bible (Great for immersion in Biblical Hebrew) ($31.49)  (CAUTION: The publishers are a Christian company.  Their other books are not kosher.) By eliminating the need to look up definitions, […]