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Does Isaiah 47:1 prove the virgin birth argument?

Question:   Shalom rabbi   I dont know if you have read the relevant sections of his books but there are two issues that i need clarification on please.   The 1st is his defense of the word alma used in Isaiah 7. He says that bethulah itself does not always mean virgin. So it […]

Explaining Num 23:19, G-d is not a man…..

  Question: Doesn’t Num 23:19 “G-d is not a man that he should lie” prove to us that the messianic argument regarding an incarnation of (at least part) of the Creator as null and void.   Answer: First and foremost I am not a Messianic but an Orthodox Jew and I wholeheartedly agree that the […]

Justifying silly statements in the Talmud

  I would like to start out by saying that the vast majority of statements considered horrific and shocking in the Talmud or other rabbinic literature are 9 out of 10 times either misquoted or taken completely out of context. First of all the word “Goy” does not mean Cattle, as some very creative non Jews […]

The Hidden Chapter- Isaiah 53 HOAX

    Fact of Fiction?   Jews deliberately ONLY excluded Isaiah 53 from their weekly Haftarah (prophetical) readings due to them knowing its speaking about Jesus. This has become known as the “Hidden Chapter” claim among Christians. Christians also claim that all others chapters of the prophets are read by Jews except ONLY this one. […]

Was Isaiah 53 removed by the Rabbis from the Haftara?

      I’ve heard this statement made many times by Christian missionaries that there is a Chapter in the Bible that Jews have been forbidden to recite. Really?   This is very dishonest, first of all there are many portions of not just Sefer Yeshayahu (Isaiah) but within the books of the other prophets that […]

Understanding Isaiah 9:5

Isaiah 9:5 [9:6] where it says “For unto us a child is born,” This is one of the most widely known prophecies among Christians, and also one of their basises for believing the Messiah will be G-d (heaven forbid). As with several verses, there is more than one way to understand this verse, and Christians […]