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Is Judaism a corruption of its ancient Islamic faith?

  This claim assumes that the faith of the ancient Israelites was Islam; but as explained in the last section, the religion of the ancient Israelites can be described in such a way only according to the literal meaning of the word islam – surrender or submission.  It is a stretch, however, to claim that […]

Were all the ancient Hebrew prophets Muslim?

  Jews or Muslims?  The Chicken or the Egg? Muslims often claim that Judaism is inferior to Islam because the Qur’an teaches that even the Biblical prophets who predated Muhammad were muslims – even Adam!  But Jews, they contest, originated from the tribe Judah, son of Jacob.  Their claim rests on the meaning of the […]

Why don’t Jews accept the Islamic Jesus?

  When the Quran refers to Jesus as the messiah, what is it attributing to him that it doesn’t attribute to other prophets?   The Qur’an (4:171) applies the term Messiah, maseeyH, to Jesus the son of Mary.  In the Hebrew language, the word Messiah, masheeyaH, literally means anointed.   The Hebrew Bible applies this term to the […]