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    This is the first in a series intended to guide you step by step toward increased knowledge and observance of God’s command concerning the Shema, as found in the Torah and as systematized by the Divinely ordained Court of ancient Israel. The following information is for those who, having already embraced our Creator’s […]

Should I prostrate or remove shoes in a regular synagogue?

Q.  In your article on face and foot washing before prayer, you wrote that it is reasonable to remove shoes when praying.  What about when I would be the only one praying with my shoes off?  Should I remove my shoes to pray even though no one else in the synagogue does so?  And should […]

Must we wash our face, feet, and hands before every prayer?

    Q.  Do you need to wash your hands and your feet before praying (Exodus 30:17-21)?  At the moment I take a shower in the morning before praying, but I don’t know if this suffices.  And what to before Minhah or Arvith?   A.  Taking a shower suffices for washing your face and feet. […]

Why is Pesukei d-Zimra absent from your siddur?

  Question: I really like your siddur.  I especially like that it is short enough to allow me to actually have intention while I pray, without making me feel pressed to quickly finish.  But why doesn’t the siddur include Psalms 145 – 150 in the Pesukei d’Zimrah?  The Rambam advises its inclusion in Hil. Tefilah […]

Should we prostrate with Talith or Tefillin on?

  According to your siddur, I need to put on Tallith and Tefillin before the Shma-prayers. That’s logical because the Shma-prayers make references to Talith and Tefillin.  Between the recitation of Shma and Amida no interruption should be made, so I guess I can’t take off my Talith and Tefillin at that time.  After the […]