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Why should we keep Torah Law?

Question: Hello,   Thank you for your interesting presentation of the subject but I have an objection.  I was going to say I found an error but that would assume that I am right, and the more humble approach is to not assume I am right but to be open to the possibility that I […]

Believing the Oral law was given as Sinai?

Q. Does a Jew have to beleive that the Oral law was either fully or partially given on Mount Sinai to be considered to Kosher Jew?     A. No. As well as you don’t have to believe that the Oral/Rabbinic Law was given on Mt Sinai in order to consider it binding from a […]

Is there a biblical command to re-build the temple?

  Question: Do we have a biblical command to rebuild the temple once it was destroyed? And where does a command exist to build a temple in the first place? Answer: The command to build (and re-build) the temple appears in Torah. Where? Actually about 1/3 of the whole Torah is dedicated to it building […]