Do we follow Oral Law Blindly?

Regarding anyone who tells you that we one must listen to Oral Law blindly (even if it would go against Torah) or Rabbis blindly especially If it would violate reason and Torah show them this…


Talmud Yerushalmi Horayot Perek Alef Halacha Alef 

ואם בטועה לומר התורה אמרה אחריהם אחריהם אין זה שמעון בן עזאי כהדא דתני יכול אם יאמרו לך על ימין שהיא שמאל ועל שמאל שהיא ימין תשמע להם ת”ל ללכת ימין ושמאל שיאמרו לך על ימין שהוא ימין ועל שמאל שהוא שמאל


(Now) if there is a case in which someone made the error regarding the keeping of Torah and then said, “Follow them, follow them”, you shouldn’t listen.
(as per Shimon ben Azzai).
Just as it is taught: Is it possible that, if people
should say to you that right is left and left is right, you should listen
to them? as Torah says, “ not to go to the right hand or the left,”
meaning that (one follows the majority (Chazal) ONLY if) they declare to you
that (what actually is) the right is right, and the left, left.” (especially not against Torah)..

(Torah is still our final authority…….)

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