Yoreh Deah Siman 1 Seif 6



חֵרֵשׁ הַמְדַבֵּר וְאֵינוֹ שׁוֹמֵעַ, לֹא יִשְׁחֹט, מִפְּנֵי שֶׁאֵינוֹ שׁוֹמֵעַ הַבְּרָכָה. וְאִם שָׁחַט, אֲפִלּוּ בֵּינוֹ לְבֵין עַצְמוֹ,שְׁחִיטָתוֹ כְּשֵׁרָה.


Seif 6

A deaf person who speaks but doesn’t hear does not slaughter (from the outset) because he is not able to hear the blessing.

If he does slaughter even for himself it is fit for consumption.

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