A defense of R’ Yosef Mizrachi


My stance in the R’ Mizrachi witch hunt:

What he said or rather what he meant to say given his other videos and even this one is that ASSIMILATION along with intermarriage made the majority of those murdered not halachicly Jewish.
If his statement was the that 80% of those murdered were intermarried I then would disagree with this number also. (This then would become an issue of fact over opinion). Still not a reason to accuse him of holocaust denial.
However that is not what he said in the video, he said intermarriage alongside assimilation which according to Halacha would make them not Halachicaly Jewish.

Yoreh Deah 2:5
Hil Shabbat 30:15
Hil Mamrim 3:2

Thus my defense stands,

It is so ridiculous that so many are coming out of the wood work accusing him of antisemitism, Holocaust denial, and being self hating Jew and I’m not fan of his Ideology..
You cheapen all these terms and if G-d forbid the day comes when you have reason to use them no one will take you seriously.
When you disagree with someone who is not your enemy you should confront and even attack their ideas NOT the individual.
You all should be ashamed of yourselves, especially every foolish Jewish leader that has publicly disgraced this person, someone who has devoted his life to bringing Chilonim back to Torah..

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