Do you have a conversion program?


We do officiate conversions.  The actual conversion is a public act of official entrance into the everlasting covenant of Torah and the community of the faith of Israel.  In order for the act to be legally binding within the framework of the laws of Torah, it a Jewish court of three must witness the act.  For males, the act of official conversion requires circumcision followed by full immersion in a pool of water.  This pool of water must fulfill certain requirements and is known as a miqwa.  If the male is already circumcised, a minute amount of blood is drawn from the area of circumcision (hatafath dam berith), followed by full immersion in a miqwa.  For women, only immersion in the miqwa is necessary.  Before immersion, both men and women must first verbalize their unconditional acceptance of the entirety of God’s commandments as contained in the Torah.  They must accept the Torah as the sole basis of their beliefs and religious activities, to the exclusion of all other faiths.


The conversion itself is absolutely free. The only cost is getting here and providing accommodations for oneself.  Meals on the Shabbath are provided for free.



The most essential requirements are acceptance of our Statement of Faith, a sincere commitment to serve the One Creator alone, the God of Israel, and commit to upholding His commandments.  It is this commitment that is most essential.  Perfection is expected of no one.  Our Lord is merciful (rahum) and compassionate (hanun).

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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