Does Dor Deah reach out to Yemenite Jews?

Q.  Does Dor Deah help Yemenite Jews resist assimilation into mainstream Orthodox Judaism?


A.  Although we do not currently have the funding to proactively reach out to any groups in Israel, other than via our website, such outreach will more than likely become a reality when funding becomes available.  Our immediate responsibility, however, is to strengthen those who already desire Torah but lack resources or are confused, regardless of their ethnicity.  This responsibility takes precedence over attempting to educate people who express no desire to learn from us.  Those Yemenite Jews who are willing to learn from us can find informative articles and videos on our website.  Others can help by pointing them in our direction.  Articles in Hebrew and other languages will appear with time.  It is our aim to reach all people equally, whether Yemenite Jews or Yemenite Muslims, American Jews or American Christians.  A soul that desires to know HaShem and do His will is priceless, regardless of the person’s ancestry.  With HaShem’s help, we will eventually have enough man-power to invest in proactively convincing both Yemenite Jews and Jews of other ethnicities to join us in promoting a more rational and practical form of Torah-Judaism.  We value the souls of G-d fearing Jews and non-Jews the same.


R’ Yosef Eliyah



* is an independent organization. is not affiliated with, the “Torath Moshe Society,” nor Chabad-Lubavitch.  Though we are grateful for the contributions of these organizations in providing Mishne Torah resources, we do not endorse all the views espoused by these organizations.

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