Does Dor Deah represent R’ Yosef Qafih?

What are your views on Mori Yusef Qafih?


We do not claim to represent the teachings of R’ Yusef Qafih (ע”ה).  It should also be pointed out that R’ Qafih is not recorded as having identified himself as Dor Deah.  One should not assume that any of our positions represent those of R’ Qafih or any other poseq unless specified.  Haz”al taught that we should learn from all men.  We do not regard R’ Qafih as merely one of many men.  We highly esteem his many scholarly contributions in publicizing more accurate texts of the Mishneh Torah, in translating many important Judeo-Arabic texts into Hebrew, and in providing a thorough commentary to Mishneh Torah from the perspective of his Yemenite tradition.  That said, we do not limit ourselves to the halakhic opinions he held.  He is, however, among the preferred sources we turn to for greater insight into practical halakha and understanding Mishneh Torah.  zekhrono li-verakha (His remembrance be a blessing)



Why the name Dor Deah?





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