Jewish Converts: On honoring one’s parents

I’m very near to leaving my non Jewish family, because they’re continously criticize me for studying Torah and having any interest in Judaism. 
They’ve actually already stop all financial support.
For the time being, while I’m still with my parents, how can I treat them and or responsed them, according to Judaism please.
I would not turn my back on them, (unless your life is in danger) if you find this too difficult how do you expect to deal with the hardships of being a Jew in any place for the the rest of your life… (This is your Kiddush Hashem)
If you do turn your back on them you will ONLY be setting a bad example on how Judaism as taught you to deal with opposition.
The purpose of being Jewish is dealing with exactly what you’re dealing with now and by example elevating the thinking of others primarily through your words and actions.
Halacha: although you are not bound by Kibud Av V’Em (honoring your parents) (once you convert) from a halachic level, you are still bound on a Moral one to honor them. (Because they gave you life and raised you).

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