Kollels hurt more than they help

We should close any Kollel that encourages it students to send their wives to work, avoid university and learn fulltime permanently.
Solely because Torah study L’shmah (for no earthly purpose) produces nothing but an aimless consumption of time and efforts.
This is yet another reason on how kabbalah makes people dumber (and in this case poorer as well).
How about the Mitzvah of Torah Study?
There is no mitzvah in studying Torah alone, the mitzvah appears as Lomed al Manat Lelamed ~ Studying in order to teach..
Virtually everyone of our Torah Giants had a profession, suddenly being productive in the real world does not count for anything?
Surprisingly this is actually not a Hasidic phenomenon but almost solely a Litvish innovation..
In Hasidic Kollels men usually learn for a few years then go to work.
Filling yourself with Torah while locked in a room doesn’t help the world in any way, one needs to do something with what they learn..
If every individual in Kollel would donate one hour of their day to educating children Jewish school tuition wouldn’t be so high.
(Not to mention that one of the reasons Jewish school tuition is so high is because of the countless of children who go for free because their father learns full time).
Just a thought.
(Many use the portion in Pirke Avot regarding learning Torah L’ishma (for the sake of heaven) to justify what is being done in Yeshivot today.
However being that the current Kollel system as we have have it today was invented by Rav Aaron Kotler in the early sixties would either mean that for 3000 years every Rabbi understood that sugya incorrectly or learning L’ishma in Pirke Avot means personally learning Torah for no other reason than for Torah itself (ie not for any selfish reason), like the other statement in Avot which states not for making oneself a crown (Vanity). Which is why making money from Torah was forbidden as well in Pirkei Avot (~Do not make a spade of the Torah)

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