This is the first in a series intended to guide you step by step toward increased knowledge and observance of God’s commandments concerning the love of God and Torah study. [1]

The following information is for those who, having already embraced our Creator’s everlasting Guidance through Moses, the first and final prophet of immutable Divine Law, are now ready to take the next step; so take notes! We are called to live a faith of action.


QIRUV REHOQIM:  Drawing the Distant Near


Make a point to share your faith with at least one person each week, whether it be through the internet, the telephone, or in person.  Explain to them why you’re convinced and now committed to upholding the Torah and encourage them to consider this direction themselves:


*  Explain to them how good intentions without proper guidance have lead many to experience unnecessary suffering in their lives.


*  Explain how a life of promiscuity is an unethical and empty investment.  The only fruit it bears is a broken heart, whether yours or the other person’s… oh yeah, and perhaps a few STDs on the way as well.  If they say they don’t plan on following this path forever, explain to them that even still, with each act of extra-marital sexual activity, they’re cheapening the value and specialness of their future spouse, among other problematic seeds such activity plants.


*  Explain to them that there are many other areas in life where we may think we able to make smart decisions, but that without the wisdom of our Maker, we’re bound to make many unnecessary, avoidable, and sometimes very costly mistakes.


*  Tell them that instead of trying to figure out all lifes obstacles by themselves, that they should consider God’s everlasting guidance, the Torah — the only Divine Revelation experienced 1st hand by an entire nation.

*  If they’re Christian, encourage them to view our videos on Christianity, or explain what you yourself have learned.


*   If they’re secular humanist or whatever else, we’re likely to have a related video you can point them to.  If not, feel free to suggest that we make a video on the topic, but you can still share with them what knowledge you have.

Sharing your faith with others may be difficult or embarrassing at first, but if you persist, and open up with at least one person a week, you’re bound to see a dramatic increase in your speaking skills, in your self-confidence, as well as in your certainty of our faith, as you begin to see that most people’s rejection of Torah is based on either gross misconceptions or total ignorance all together.  Even more importantly, by reaching out to others with the good news of God’s Guidance, the Torah, you are furthering the establishment of His kingdom on earth, building a community of Israel in your locale for you and your children’s fellowship, and inspiring others to be proactive in reaching out to the world with acts of charity, to the sanctification of His Name.


It is unfair and selfish that we keep secret what we know to be good for others as well.  Sharing this goodness, on the other hand, is a part of “walking in His ways.”  Just as He loved us enough to reveal Torah to His people, so likewise we should care enough for others to give them this same opportunity.


R’ Yosef Eliyah



The commandment to love God includes the duty to draw others to love Him the same.  Similarly, the commandment to study Torah includes the duty to also teach others.  See:  Sefer ha-Miswoth (The Book of the Commandments), commandments #3 and #11 .

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