Rav Saadia Gaon, the Convert


There are many in an attempt to discredit Jewish converts who say things like “according to Jewish law converts are not allowed to be Rabbis, leaders or Judges, a false claim that I believe my org has already dispelled.
Without even mentioning the historical fact that the Greatest Mishnaic leaders were virtually all converts (in Halacha one who descends from converts continues to carry the status of a convert for legal matters).
Below is another proof of this.
****Rav Saadia Gaon descended from converts..*******
(ie he was the head of the Yeshiva in Sura which at that time would of made him one of the two most revered scholars/judges and Jewish leaders of his time).
Below are also more Jewish leaders with a similar background,(ps I would also like to add Shamaya and Avtalion to that list who by the way also sat on the Sanhedrin)

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