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Dor Deah misrepresents Chabad & Noahide Law?

RELATED ARTICLE:  “Can non-Jews have eternal life?“     To start off, distinctions have to be made between fact and opinion: It’s a FACT that the Tanya teaches that the soul of a non-Jew stems from the Sitra Achra (an ungodly source) and is intrinsically impure.   While it is true that Chabad holds of the opinion that if a […]


  “In the Name of the ALL-TRANSCENDENT ONE, the Mighty-Authority of the universe.”  (Genesis 21,33)           In addition to the Thirteen Principles of Faith, we bear witness and affirm:             1) The Singularity of God.   There is One alone Who created and sustains all existence. […]

Why the name Dor Deah?

  Q.  Isn’t it dishonest for a non-Yemenite organization to describe itself as Dor Deah?  Couldn’t you choose a name with less stigma?     A.  The generation of Israel that left Egypt should not be remembered only for the negative occurrences associated with it.  They should also be remembered in the manner Haz”al described, the […]

Does Dor Deah reach out to Yemenite Jews?

Q.  Does Dor Deah help Yemenite Jews resist assimilation into mainstream Orthodox Judaism?   A.  Although we do not currently have the funding to proactively reach out to any groups in Israel, other than via our website, such outreach will more than likely become a reality when funding becomes available.  Our immediate responsibility, however, is to […]

Is Dor Deah heretical?

Q. Is Dor Deah heretical?   A. There are those who would claim that Dor Deah, even all talmidei ha-Rambam, are heretics.  The cause of this accusation is their belief that the Zohar and Lurianic Kabbalah are fundamentals of the Jewish faith.  Consequently, Dor Deah’s non-acceptance of these works and the concepts that originate from them is, […]

Is Dor Deah Rambamist?

Q.  Does Dor Deah regard as invalid any position contrary to Mishneh Torah?   A.  Our simple reply is no.  This is but one reason why we do not accept the label Rambamist.   The following, found on our About Us page, summarizes why we emphasize Mishneh Torah:   “Torah is a vast sea of knowledge.  […]

Does Dor Deah represent R’ Yosef Qafih?

What are your views on Mori Yusef Qafih?   We do not claim to represent the teachings of R’ Yusef Qafih (ע”ה).  It should also be pointed out that R’ Qafih is not recorded as having identified himself as Dor Deah.  One should not assume that any of our positions represent those of R’ Qafih […]

Does Dor Deah encourage ‘jihad’?

Q.  I demand an explanation about this: Sefer Shoftim, Hilkhoth Mamrim (Laws of Rebels), Chap. 3, Halakhoth 1 and 2: 1. Whoever does not believe in the ORAL Torah (Torah SheBe`al Peh) is not a Zaqen Mamre (rebellious elder) spoken of in the Torah. Rather, behold, he is among the heretics (minim), and he may […]

Can we learn from other outreach organizations?

Does it not make sense for Dor Deah to learn from the success of other Jewish outreach movements such as Chabad, Ohr Somayach, and Bnei Akiva, doing much of what they do?   The above stated organizations have more potential than actual success.  We certainly see the value in a Dor Deah parallel to the […]

Does Dor Deah have a yeshiva?

  Is there a Dor Deah yeshiva to train rabbis in Dor Deah hashkafa, the Dor Deah approach to Torah and halakha?   It is definitely our desire that such a yeshiva be established, with HaShem’s help.  However, such a yeshiva does not currently exist.  To achieve that desire, we must first establish synagogues and […]