Support the Putti Jews of Uganda


The Rambam wrote at the conclusion of his Thirteen Principles of Faith:

When a person believes all these fundamentals and his faith becomes clear in them, he enters into the nation of Israel and it is a mitzva to love him and to have mercy on him and to act toward him according to all the ways in which God commanded us regarding loving your neighbor.”


Therefore, DOR DEAH supports the budding Orthodox Jewish community of Uganda, too long neglected by the Orthodox world.  We do so by sending a humble donation every few weeks according to our ability, but it is not enough.  Our prayers and vision are with this community.  They are an inspiration to us and we hope to inspire whomever’s heart is moved that they will likewise strengthen them.  With G-d’s help, when the means are available, we will take part in officiating their formal joining of the People of Israel though halakhic conversion.


Please contact Enosh Keki Mainah on FB to learn how you can help.


Tizku l-miswoth!








* is an independent organization. is not affiliated with, the “Torath Moshe Society,” nor Chabad-Lubavitch.  Though we are grateful for the contributions of these organizations in providing Mishne Torah resources, we do not endorse all the views espoused by these organizations.

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