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We are currently in the preliminary stages of establishing our first community in North Miami Beach, FL.  In order for this to be a success, we need people who wholeheartedly agree with our vision to move near us.  This is necessary for the creation of a functioning synagogue.  Without a synagogue, we remain just an idea.  No synagogue, no community.  Those who join us must also put forth effort to spread our message and encourage others to join.


Our synagogue will be a one of a kind synagogue with a warm welcoming atmosphere open to people of all backgrounds, while still holding strong to Torah principles. The synagogue will also be unique in its educational approach, making Torah more easily comprehensible for those who lack formal Jewish education, as well as focus on the practical aspects of Torah observance and emphasis on how Torah observance should have a positive impact on our character and on society around us.  Barukh HaShem, we already succeeded in finding a physical location were our Shabbat services will be held and weekday classes given.  The only essential yet to be met is acquisition of a kosher Torah scroll.  You can support our efforts by contributing towards the purchase of our first kosher sefer Torah (Torah scroll).  Please consider contributing either online or by a check made payable to:



Torah Judaism International

590 NE 170th St.

North Miami Beach, FL 33162


You can financially support the development of our synagogue in other ways by contributing funds toward:


* synagogue rent and ultility bills

* synagogue furnishings (aron qodesh, mehitza, rugs, chairs, etc…)

* sponsering a communal Shabbath meal

* purchase of books

* publication of our siddurs


Those who are not able to support us financially can do so in other significant ways.  To find out how, click here.  Any contribution is greatly appreciated.

Our goal is to unite individuals who share our fundamentals, to establish real communities where like-minded people can build families, in-person friendships, send their children to schools where the same fundamentals will be followed, and where newcomers will be warmly welcome.  This goal can only be realized if we work together, we all put forth effort, and are willing to make some sacrifices. The formation of our first synagogue is a fundamental step in this direction.

DOR DEAH wishes you all a Shana Tova u-Metuqa.

Gemar b-Hathimah Tovah w-tizku l-miswoth!







* DorDeah.com is an independent organization.  DorDeah.com is not affiliated with www.mechon-mamre.org, the “Torath Moshe Society,” nor Chabad-Lubavitch.  Though we are grateful for the contributions of these organizations in providing Mishne Torah resources, we do not endorse all the views espoused by these organizations.

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